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Advice for older people who want to exercise

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Workout Advice For Seniors

A Quick Guide for Seniors Who Want to Start the Exercising Habit

In general, when you have hit your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s in age terms, you have gotten to a senior position in your life.  Unfortunately, as you get older you will automatically lose strength and muscle mass and the only way to regain some of this, and to help you to enjoy your elder years, is exercising.  Exercising is a great way for you to recoup not only your strength but also your mobility and freedom.

If you haven’t really exercised for a while it is natural for you to want to avoid it, and to resist completing any form of physical exercise or effort.  The majority of us are creatures of habit.  However  you can break old habits and it really is “never too late to start”.  We can create new habits; all it really takes, is a mixture of desire and willpower!

21 Days to Form a Habit

Studies have shown us that if you complete an activity every day it will take around 3 weeks for it to become an unconscious habit.  However, everyone is different and it could take some people longer or shorter than 21 days to get back into the routine.

The best thing to do initially is to complete your exercises or activity every day for 30 days and you are more likely to be successful in your physical fitness efforts going forward.

Focus on Your Rewards, Not the Work Involved

A saying that is widely used in the United States is “You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar.”  The meaning of this is that you are going to get better results with positive motivation rather than negative motivation.

  • You need to stay focused on what you are going to get out of all of your exercise efforts.
  • You are going to become stronger, more mobile and flexible.
  • Your self-esteem is going to improve and you are going to be more independent.
  • You are going to achieve your desired goal.

What is Your Reason?

Your grandchildren could be the reason you want to start exercising and getting fitter as you want to be able to play with them or you may be unhappy with the way that you look?  In order to have better success, make sure you are focussing on the rewards that you are looking to get out of this rather than the actual physical exercise itself.

Start to Change up Your Routines

You may wish to start off your new fitness routines at home but here is a warning.  Many people get bored of exercising quickly! If you keep doing the same routine or exercise program every day, after a few weeks it is going to become really boring! and chances are you will stop; that will mean you do not achieve what got you started in the first place.  You are well advised to join a club or group, and mix things up a bit.  Make your exercising social and interesting.

Or…  You will lose interest as it will become dull and monotonous.  So remember to change your program and include different activities like walking, aerobics, swimming, tennis.  You could join some classes like Yoga or Pilates.  There are a lot of programmes aimed at helping people who are “not as young as they used to be” get fit and active!

By doing this and mixing up your routines, you will look forward to your next exercise session much more.  You will have successfully created new habits and you will be well on the road to creating the outcome you desired, the goal that made you start exercising in the first place.  A lot of this post is just pure common sense, but I am sure you know that.






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