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Kettlebell Squats v the Zercher Squat


kettlebell squats


The squat is a terrific exercise to complete in a number of different ways.

They need to be completed correctly in order to reduce any injuries and pressure on the lower back as the weight is all on the back of your heels whilst you bend your knees and hips and keep a straight back from head to hip.

Your knees should remain inside your feet and behind the toes whilst you lower yourself as far as you possibly can.

Keep your abs tight and make use of your glutes and quads to keep yourself steady.

An option is to lower your hips as low as possible whilst keeping the correct form and stay there for a count of at least 10.

When you start to feel tired or wobbly, you can raise your body somewhat in order for your quads and glutes to help with your stance.

One or two kettlebells can be used to complete a kettlebell squat, this will all depend on the weight you are using.

The kettlebell squat has a great advantage compared to other squats as it is more awkward to complete with the weight and this will increase the intensity to your abs and core.

It may not be noticeable at the time, but your abdominal muscle will develop and improve over a period of time as you will be using your core to stabilize your whole body.

The Zercher Squat is a squat that is completed with a traditional weighted bar just held in a different position.

Since the 1930’s Ed Zercher was a strongman and this exercise was named after him.

The position of the bar in a Zercher squat means that it gives you less compression on your spine and that is one of the great benefits.

You can then get into a deeper squat and develop an improved posterior chain.

For safety reasons you should complete this squat in a squat cage ideally, or near a power rack.

You should start with the bar positioned in the crook of the arm and your elbows shoulder width apart.

Bend your elbows and have your hands together with your knuckles facing the ceiling. With the bar close to the body you start the squat, knees behind the toes and inside the feet.

Keep your head facing forward and your back straight whilst engaging your glutes and this is how to complete a Zercher squat.



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