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How to Use Resistance Bands for Muscle Building

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to exercise as they are very cheap to buy and can be carried with you everywhere due to their size.

If you are at work or out on the road you can take them with you and complete a workout wherever you happen to be.

If you use resistance bands as part of your workout they will burn calories and give you fat fighting benefits.

You will get a boost of energy the same as with all exercise but the question is can you build muscle with just exercising with resistance bands?

Whenever we lift something our muscles are strained, we may as well say that micro-sized tears occur and these injure your muscles.

At this point your body will mend the torn muscles and at the same time your muscles will become stronger and bigger, they will not return back to their previous strength and size.

This is why people that workout regularly and consistently increase their weights will build stronger muscles.

Choosing Your Resistance Bands.

If you are going to purchase resistance bands you will notice that there are a number of shapes and sizes for you to pick from, however one thing that is consistent in all brands is that they will have a certain weight resistance.

For example a 7 pound band will not allow you to stress your muscles more than 7 pounds (hence why a lot of people think that these resistance bands will limit how strong you can become.)

You can use resistance bands for muscle building in all kinds of ways but if you limit yourself to using up to a 20 pound band, your muscle growth will eventually reach its limit.

You can continue to use the same band and this will build your muscle endurance, it just won’t give you bigger and stronger muscles.

Can you use Resistance Bands for Muscle Growth?

Working out with resistance bands will help you build muscle as long as you keep working out with bands of higher resistance.

This will then allow the muscles to tear and then re build themselves.

You should pick resistance bands that will stack together and that way you can add as many together as you need to in order to increase your muscle size.

Before you know it after a few work outs with a number of resistance bands your muscle strength will have reached new heights.

You should bear in mind that to develop massive muscles you are then stepping up into the bodybuilding zone and will have to start using weights in a gym, or start bodyweight training.