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5 Types of Push Ups to Stop You Becoming Bored

Types of push ups


It is always a good idea to change your workout routines to stop them from becoming boring and there are many different types of push ups that you can do, rather than just the standard classic that a lot of us continue to do.

Here are 5 varieties of push ups that are becoming increasingly popular:

The Wide Grip Push Up

This starts off in the same position as the normal push up that we all know, except you need to make sure your arms are wider than a shoulder width apart.
Keep your hands in the vertical plane below your shoulders and try not to allow your elbows to stick out too much.
This will keep the stimulation more on your chest, shoulders and triceps instead of only on your shoulders.

The Diamond Push Up

This is not a good one to do if you have weak joints in your wrists, shoulders or elbows as it puts a lot of pressure on them.
Your hands should be placed directly under your chest and your thumbs and forefingers should be touching to form kind of a diamond symbol.
This push up focuses specifically on the triceps.

The Incline Push Up

You will start this push up the same way as a normal one except your hands should be placed on something that raised off of the floor (up to 2 feet.)
An incline bench would be fine, hence the name!
Your shoulders will get a great workout from this and you should find this one easier than a normal push up as a lot of your body weight is shifted lower.

The Decline Push Up

Working to the opposite of the ‘incline’ push up, this one will have your feet raised off of the floor and higher than the rest of your body.
Your weight will be shifted forward meaning a lot of pressure will go onto your wrists (again not good if you have weak wrist joints,) however your shoulders will get a great workout.
You can use a small fitness ball or even rest your feet on your stairs (2/3 stairs up.)

The Staggered Push Up

For this one you will need to get into the same classic position but place one hand roughly 6 inches higher than the other.
You will feel more pressure on the lower hand due to the shift in weight and a burn in your shoulders and chest.
Ensure that you swap hands to get an equal workout, but it may take a while for you to build up to this one as it is quite a bit harder than the normal push up.

Some of these variations are great because it may be that you’re finding the standard types of push ups easy and need a bit more of a challenge.

You may also be bored of doing the same one all the time.

Give these a try and you will find they definitely turn up the heat from your classic method.