Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Workout a Basic Introduction


kettlebell workout


This piece of equipment is called a Girya in Russia and is their focal piece of equipment used in the sport of Girevoy.

When they first came about a kettlebell was a cast iron weight which resembled a cannonball and had a handle across the top.

Farmers would use them in the 1700’s to weigh crops and they came to the US in the 1960’s.

They are a popular piece of equipment used in home gyms nowadays and are commonly coloured with the weight being coated in a softer vinyl material.

Generally their weight ranges from 4 pounds to 175 pounds.

To benefit from a kettlebell workout the awkward way in which you need to hold a kettlebell is what makes it so good for you and great for improving your strength and balance.

As it is not just a normal weight, you need to hold it farther from your body and this is why it becomes more difficult.

The handle is not the same as that of a traditional hand weight and that is why if not used correctly can cause injury.

If you are a beginner you should start with the lightest weight there is in order to minimize injuries to your lower back, shoulders etc.

Ideally you should have a personal trainer show you the ropes initially so you can reap all of the amazing benefits.

In general, when you are working with other weights, you are usually standing upright with your heels on the floor to enable to you to have a strong foundation.

You will need to ensure that you do not raise the kettlebell directly above your head like you may do with other traditional weights as if this fell onto your head it could be a disaster.

Your lower back needs to be protected when doing a kettlebell workout, the same for a lot of your joints.

Avoid rounding your back and drooping your shoulders as doing this will heighten the weight load that is on your lower back.

Everybody’s needs are different and if you are looking to increase your power and strength only then you are better off working out with just traditional weights.

Kettlebell workouts are becoming more and more popular but may not be what you need to use in order to achieve your goals. If you want to develop explosive action and motion then they are for you.

They should be used for fast and high repetitions in order to get more muscle groups moving.

The main purpose of training with a kettlebell is to increase your muscles ability to perform fast and powerful movement’s one after the other.

For example if you are a golfer and are at the 16th hole, you will still be able to accurately swing your club that late in the game.


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Kettlebell Workouts

Benefits of a Kettlebell Workout

kettlebell workout

Kettlebells are very adaptable and a fun piece of equipment to use that is why they are so popular at gyms and at home.

Kettlebell workout exercises are becoming more and more popular across the world and especially at the moment in the US.

They have a lot of benefits and can be used to emphasize sport specific activities.

You will need to be careful however, because if they are used incorrectly, you have a higher chance of sustaining lower back injuries.

If you are using these as part of your exercise regime you should also ensure that you never raise the kettlebell so that it is directly above your head in case it slips and you end up with a head injury.

If you get the right training from a professional that knows how to use a kettlebell correctly and efficiently, you will gain a lot of benefits.

The main thing a kettlebell workout does is improve your endurance.

If you complete a large amount of reps and sets along with explosive force, you will notice your endurance and your strength improving.

You can focus on certain areas of your body when working out with a kettlebell such as your legs or arms, but it is most commonly used as a full body workout as it involves the whole body.

Your back and your abs will become stronger as your core will be worked to the max. You will notice an improvement in your health, posture and reduction in back injuries.

You will feel really tired when exercising with these as you will complete a higher number of reps and sets but your mental durability and your flexibility will improve.

This is due to your body having a better build-up of muscle and endurance and you will need your mental toughness to get you through your program.

If you plan your workout well, you can reduce your workout time by half and with the right training you can complete a full body workout in the comfort of your own home.

Other benefits include burning calories as well as speeding up how quickly you burn fat.

If used correctly the kettlebell is a cardio workout along with a muscle building workout. It has the ability to rehabilitate an injury and make your everyday tasks easier.

After reading all of these benefits it is no wonder a lot of people are starting to introduce a kettlebell into their weekly routines.

Weight lifting traditionally will help you build muscle but only that one specific muscle group that you are working on.

Overall body conditioning is what a kettlebell workout will do for you and this burns a huge amount of calories per minute.

You can think of it as a type of cross training and strength training put together.

It is becoming more and more popular and the isolated strength training could soon be a thing of the past!



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