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kettlebell back workout

You may want to consider incorporating a kettlebell back workout into your routine to begin with rather than heavy barbell weights, as they can help you to slowly build your back muscles before you attempt the heavier stuff.

The majority of us don’t actually know how to exercise or use exercise equipment correctly and this is the reason so many of us get injured.

This is exactly the same as what happens when people use a kettlebell.

In general, it is our lower back that will feel the brunt of the injury first and when you are adding weights into the equation this makes it worse as you are adding more stress to your muscles and lower back.

A lot of the time, the pain that we feel in our lower backs is due to disorders of the interverbral disks. (1)

These disorders usually happen as a result of an injury.

In order to prevent lower back injuries and promote a good posture, The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases suggest exercises to develop strong back muscles. (2)

The weight that is suppressed onto our lower spine is one of the main reasons we get lower back injuries, this, along with poor posture and poor muscle development.

The lower back is in such a vulnerable position and we take for granted that it can withstand a lot of pressure.

The kettlebell swing is a popular exercise, however it is responsible for a lot of the lower back injuries and discomfort that you can get when using this piece of equipment.

If you are going to have a go at this it is important to get it right and get some advice on the correct way to perform it, as if done poorly you are more or less guaranteed to end up with a sore lower back and even worse case an injury.

It is an exercise that is designed to give you a full body workout as your whole body is engaged all at once.

The participant will swing the kettlebell from shoulder level, through the upper thigh and then back to shoulder level.

Your upper arms, hamstrings, lats, core strength and more are all engaged and worked.

It is important not to bend down too far so that the weight load is on your back, it should be on your legs.

Everyone that is looking to exercise with a kettlebell should research the correct ways to do so before attempting it.

It may even be a good idea to get some training from a gym instructor first as when used correctly it will strengthen your posterior chain muscles that relieve your lower back pain.

But, if it is used incorrectly you are more than likely going to injure them!

A lot of specialists in the rehabilitation field will use a kettlebell to strengthen the lower back thus reducing potential lower back injuries in the future.


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