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Use a Foam Roller for Exercise Workouts

Foam Roller for Exercise

If they are used correctly you could easily use a foam roller for exercise.

If you do not have a masseuse around after you have completed a strenuous workout, a foam roller can also relieve the tension in your muscles and improve your flexibility through massaging deep muscle tissues.

As well as helping you recover after a workout, they can also help you build muscle due to their unstable and curved surface.

Executive Director of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Medical Fitness and Wellness Center Tyler G. Travis says; “It can build muscle as when you try to balance yourself on one, you recruit more muscles, especially in your core, to perform the move.”

Your core is something you use every day without even realising it, from lifting things up, walking, running, stretching etc. and a foam roller will help you build core muscle strength.

What you should aim to do is introduce a foam roller into your current bodyweight exercises.

The plank is a popular bodyweight exercise and if you were to add a foam roller into your routine, this is going to make your muscles work a lot harder.

Place your hands onto the roller rather than the floor when you get into your plank position and with your feet on the ground remain as stiff as possible.

If you hold this position for 30-60 seconds and complete this 3-5 times this is going to really work your gluteus maximus, back, abs and shoulders.

Don’t be surprised if you find it 10 times harder than when you do it without the foam roller!

You could also try a variation to the normal push up you do in order to really work your abs, biceps, shoulders and chest.

Put your left hand onto the foam roller and your right on the floor as you normally would.

Whilst pushing upwards, ensure the majority of your weight is on your right hand and once you are in the up position raise your left hand and roller until it is parallel to your chest.

5-8 reps 3 times for each hand will give you a great workout and variation to the normal push up.

You can use your imagination when using a foam roller for exercise, these are just 2 examples of how to make your workouts more difficult and give your strength training program the kick it needs!