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crossfit kettlebell workouts

If you are looking for variety in your crossfit training then look no further than crossfit kettlebell workouts, they are a great addition to your armoury of crossfit exercises.

Plyometrics and weightlifting are movements that are used in crossfit training in order to test your physical fitness.

You are required to complete a certain number of repetitions in a workout within a certain amount of time.

It is extremely intense and focuses on explosive muscle action.

Due to the intensity of the workout, the risk of injury is a lot higher than your normal aerobic workout if you do not complete it correctly.

The aim of the person that invented the program was to design something that would prepare the participant for any physical possibility.

With that in mind, it means there is no specialty in the sport, it is simply designed to improve the endurance and strength of the participant.

Coach Greg Glassman planned the program over a period of several decades to enhance fitness.

Meaning that, he designed it to increase the ability of the participant and for them to work across a broad range of time and modalities of exercise.

Crossfit also has a community of competitors who have improved the efficiency of the program by building a community of people who compete against each other and support each other.

The kettlebell is one of the pieces of equipment that is used in crossfit among others.

With its round iron shape and handle that is attached it was used back in the day by Russian farmers to weigh their grain.

It has since been introduced into a lot of sporting activities and to the US in the 1940’s.

It has become more and more popular over time not just in the gym but at home as well.

It is important to know how to use the kettlebell correctly as it has been known to cause extra strain and stress on your lower back.

A lot of physical therapists however, use the kettlebell to mend and stabilize the spine and also improve the strength of the spine.

If it used in the correct way, it is great to help shape the health of your back, but at the same time can cause you problems if used incorrectly.

Crossfit kettlebell workouts can be used for a number of different exercises due to its flexibility which is why it is used by a lot of crossfit trainers.

It will give you a complete body workout and that is why it is becoming such a popular piece of equipment to use.

You may have heard of some of the popular kettlebell exercises such as; kettlebell clean, kettlebell press and thrust, Turkish get up and kettlebell figure 8 to name a few.

With most of those exercises, your upper and lower body and your core will be worked giving you an overall body workout.

This is the reason why the kettlebell is perfect for a crossfit workout in order to increase your strength and stamina.


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