Outdoor Workouts

Park Workout Exercises for Outdoor Fitness

Park Workout Exercises

Nearly all of the parks you visit can easily be turned into a gym for all kinds of bodyweight and park workout exercises.

You will notice lots of trees, bars, benches, walls and without realizing it, these can be used for all different workout routines.


To complete dips, you can use a sitting bench that is 12-18 inches high off the ground and your legs should be straight out with your heels firmly into the ground.

Keep your arms straight shoulder width apart and your hands resting on the edge of the bench inhale and slowly lower yourself down towards the bench by bending your elbows as far as you can go.

Keeping your abs tight for the whole process, exhale and bring yourself back up by pushing with your arms.

Make sure you keep your movements steady as you go up and down and aim to complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

By the end of your last set you should be able to feel the burn and find it difficult. Your upper arms and shoulders will be worked to the max with these dips.

Pull-ups and chin-ups

The majority of parks will have at least 1 set of monkey bars and these are great for chins-ups.

If you stand under them (a set that is appropriate for your height,) reach up and grab hold of the bar.

Pull yourself up as far as you can, and staying at the same speed lower yourself back to the hanging position.

By completing the exercise up and down your muscles will be worked in both directions. If you can’t get onto the monkey bars, even a strong horizontal tree branch will do the same job.

If you want to complete some pull ups, start with your hands shoulder-width apart and your palms facing outwards. (With chin-ups your palms should be facing towards you.)

Pull-ups are harder and will work your back muscles more than the triceps. When you complete chin-ups, these will work your biceps more than your back muscles.

Standing push-ups

A vertical wall is all you need for standing push-ups and they work the same way as a normal push up.

Place your palms flat against a wall and keep your feet around 24 inches from the bottom of the wall.

The key here is the farther away from the wall you are; the harder the standing push up is going to be.

Using your arms, push your body away from the wall until they are fully extended and inhale at the same time.

Now bend your arms and allow the weight from your body to move you back towards the wall.

Complete as many of these as you can but if you are finding them easy you can move your feet further back from the wall to make it harder.

All of these park workout exercises are great as they can be done anywhere, and when the sun is shining you might as well get yourself down to the local park so you can get your daily dose of Vitamin D as well as a workout!